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The Buck Creek Trail invites you into Springfield’s ECO Sports Corridor, featuring river kayaking, bouldering, wind surfing and of course biking and hiking.

Trail Description

Passing through Springfield and following along the pretty Buck Creek is the hidden gem of the Buck Creek Trail. Providing access to universities and museums (including the Springfield/Clark County Baseball Hall of Fame inside Carleton Davidson Stadium), the Buck Creek Trail also passes two kayaking facilities on Buck Creek in Snyder Park. Downtown Springfield boasts diverse dining, the full spectrum of the arts, the Clark County Heritage Center and Frank Lloyd Wright’s “The Westcott House.”

The Buck Creek Trail reaches Buck Creek State Park offering all the amenities of an Ohio State Park, such as camping, boating, fishing and disc golf.

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The Buck Creek Scenic Trail begins in Buck Creek State Park. There are three trailheads from which the trail begins. There are two trailheads located on Overlook Dr., one located closer to Overlook and Croft Rd. while the other is located where Overlook Dr. dead ends. The other trailhead is located on Buck Creek Lane, on the beach side of the reservoir. All three trailheads have ample parking. 

There are two additional trailheads along the trail within Buck Creek State Park. One is located at the intersection of Croft Rd. and Robert Eastman Rd. The other is located on Croft Rd. near the entrance to Old Reid Park. 

The multiple starting points eventually converge to one trail, just before the trail reaches Croft Rd. After crossing Croft Rd. you will have exited Buck Creek State Park and entered Old Reid Park. 

Old Reid Park offers various recreational opportunities including the Wiggly Field Dog Park, tennis courts, shuffleboard, fishing, and picnic opportunities. 

This photo depicts the trail crossing a creek on one of the old railroad bridges. This is the bridge that the trail utilizes as you leave Old Reid Park. At this point you are approximately two miles from the beginning of the trail, depending on which trailhead you start from.

Although it is unreadable in this photo, the orange “totem” sign states that you are approximately 1.8 miles from the intersection with the Simon Kenton Trail. For the remainder of the Buck Creek Scenic Trail, the trail runs parallel with Buck Creek. 

This photo depicts the intersection of the Simon Kenton Trail and the Buck Creek Scenic Trail. In this photo, the trail to the left, up the small hill, is the connection to the Simon Kenton Trail. If you would like to continue along the Buck Creek Scenic Trail continue straight.  

The Simon Kenton Trail uses the old railroad bridge in the photo for its route. This photo depicts the Buck Creek Scenic Trail going underneath the Simon Kenton Trail. Buck Creek can be seen to the right. If you are looking for the Simon Kenton trail and go underneath the bridge, you have gone too far.  

Almost immediately after you pass the intersection with the Simon Kenton Trail, the Buck Creek Scenic Trail becomes heavily wooded. This portion of the trail provides great opportunities to spot wildlife. 

This photo depicts the Sherman Avenue bridge which takes trail users over Buck Creek. The bridge provides a 10 foot pathway (seen here) which completely separate trail users from traffic. 

After crossing the Sherman Avenue bridge, trail users will enter the Hollandia Botanical Gardens. This photo depicts some of the flowers that you will see.

After exiting the Hollandia Botanical Gardens, trail users will cross Water Street. From here you are approximately 1 mile from the intersection with the Simon Kenton Trail and approximately 1 mile from the end of the trail at Veteran’s Park.  

Trail users can continue to take the trail along Buck Creek (veer left) or use the road route along Warder Street. This split occurs right before you get to Limestone Street. If you decide to veer left and take the trail, please be aware that you must use steps to get back to street/trail level. The bike route along Warder Street begins immediately after crossing Limestone Street.  

This photo depicts the Buck Creek Scenic Trail going underneath the Fountain Avenue Bridge or “Veteran’s Bridge”. The only way to get back to street level is to use the steps shown here. Please note that there is a tire slot to make hauling bicycles easier. If you are on a recumbent bicycle, it is recommended that you use the road route along Warder Street. 

After crossing Fountain Avenue the trail will veer to the left and come into Veteran’s Park. This photo depicts the Buck Creek Scenic trail (left) veering away from Cliff Park Rd (right). The Springfield Museum of Art parking lot can be seen in this photo. 

This photo was taken from the trail and depicts the new ECO Sports Corridor that has developed along Buck Creek in Springfield. Several of these white water locations have been constructed for kayaking and adventure sport enthusiasts. For more information visit www.ecosportscorridor.com

This photo depicts the amphitheatre within Veteran’s Park. Veteran’s Park is home to the Springfield Summer Arts Festival. Every summer the Springfield Summer Arts Festival brings in free quality entertainment. For a full list of programming, dates, and times please visit springfieldartscouncil.org

This photo was taken at the end of the Buck Creek Scenic Trail. The trail dead ends at the intersection of Cliff Park Rd. and Plum St. From Buck Creek State Park to Veteran’s Park, the trail is 6.85 miles long. 


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