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The Creekside Trail provides a critical crossing over I-675 and connects the two hubs of the trail network in the Miami Valley: Xenia and Dayton. From Xenia, you pass the James Ranch Park and Beavercreek Station, a rest area that is also home to Beavercreek’s September 11th Memorial (1153 North Fairfield Road, Beavercreek, OH).  Fifth Third Gateway Park is a popular meet-up place right on the Greene-Montgomery County Line. The trail makes its way through Riverside to Eastwood MetroPark in Dayton.

Trail Description

Meandering along the peaceful creek and the shade of the trees, you can barely recognize the urban and suburban surroundings.  In Greene County, the Creekside Trail passes by two wetland areas, providing an extraordinary view of rare plants and animals. One of these is the Creekside Reserve, which begins at Factory Road and runs along the south side of the trail to near North Fairfield Road. If you stop for a rest at Beavercreek Station, take a moment for the September 11th Memorial located right there as well.

Crossing the 140-foot bridge over Shawnee Creek at the James Ranch, you can commute to the Fairgrounds Recreation Center Park, Mullins Pool, the Greene County Fairgrounds and the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

At the west end of Beavercreek is Fifth Third Gateway Park. The trail continues west, crossing into Montgomery County and the cities of Riverside, and Dayton. The trail comes to a “T” where a right turn continues on the Creekside Trail to Eastwood MetroPark, and a left turn begins the Iron Horse Trail south into Kettering and beyond. Five Rivers MetroParks manages the Creekside Trail from the Greene County line to Eastwood MetroPark, where it connects with the Mad River Trail.

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5th/3rd Gateway Park & Ride offers a gazebo,   parking, water and portable restrooms. This staging area is on Dayton-Xenia Road where it crosses I-675 in Beavercreek. 

Beavercreek Station is 2 miles east of the Grange Hall Road in Beavercreek Station and offers parking off N. Fairfield Road, restrooms, water and soft drink machines.

At the intersection of Creekside Trail and Fairfield Road

E. J. Nutter Park is on the North side of the trail with five baseball diamonds.  There is a spur to water, parking and restrooms.  

Beavercreek Community Park offers parking, vending machines, water and indoor restrooms. Within the park is a memorial to eight Girl Scouts and two leaders from Troop 133 who were killed by a train in March 1959.  The Beavercreek Trail Connector  runs north from Community Park and leads cyclists to Rotary Park on Dayton-Xenia Road.

Cyclists cross Alpha Road to the Village of Alpha.

 Cyclists will then cross the Little Miami Scenic River.

A bridge crosses Shawnee Creek from Creekside Trail to the James Ranch Park. 

The trail enters the City of Xenia. Follow the way-finding signs to the Little Miami Scenic Trail or proceed straight to Xenia Station.

Xenia Station is a replica of the old railroad freight station that was once on the site. Parking, inside restrooms, several water fountains, maps, literature and a soft drink machine are on-site. The station serves as the hub to four other trails.


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