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Making its way along a preserved rail corridor, the Iron Horse Trail is a natural oasis in suburban southern Montgomery County.

Trail Description

The Iron Horse Trail begins in Iron Horse Park, site of an historic railroad yard. The bikeway is a combination of trail, shared roadway and wide sidewalk stretching north to Stroop Road. A very comfortable on-road route may be used to connect this segment to Delco Park and then to State Farm Park, where the north segment can be accessed. Take Valleywood Drive from Wilmington to Dorothy, and follow Vale Drive and Galewood from Delco Park to State Farm Park.

Delco Park has looping walking paths and a BMX bike track to try your racing skills.

The Iron Horse Trail (north segment) begins in State Farm Park, follows County Line Road and travels along Spaulding Road on a widened concrete sidewalk. From there it travels on asphalt adjacent to Eastown Shopping Center along the abandoned railway corridor, eventually merging with the Creekside Trail.

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The Iron Horse Bikeway starts just near Route 35 where it joins the Creekside Bikeway.  at the T-Connection on the Creekside Recreation Trail.  Here is looking south across Linden Ave just after you go under Rt 35.  

After crossing Linden you come to a trail access off of Arcadia Blvd.


Continuing South you cross Woodman Drive. 

The trail continues another mile or so and then you pop out of the woods at Spaulding Road in the City of Kettering. 

After crossing Spaulding looking South. 

Turning South on the bikeway parallels Research Blvd/County Line Road.  

After you pass Reynolds & Reynolds you’ll be making a right turn into State Farm Park, approximately 5 miles from the Creekside bikeway junction.  State Farm Park offers parking, and seasonal water and restrooms.  

A nice shot of the park.   

Upon leaving the west end of the park you cross over the Little Beaver Creek and then will come to Galewood Street where the trail ends and turns into an on-street bike route on Glenwood Street and Vale Drive taking you to Delco Park.   

The southern section of the Iron Horse Bikeway starts just south of Iron Horse Park and goes North to Delco Park, although a majority of the route is on bike route marked streets shared with vehicular traffic.  

Riding North from Iron Horse Park will take you to the first road crossing, Whipp Road. 

Riding north from Whipp Rd. provides a nice shaded path.  

Riding north from Whipp Rd. provides a nice shaded path.  

East Rahn Road bikeway crossing.  

In this photo we have reached the end of the formal trail in Centerville at Hempstead Station Road. From this point North until Delco Park you must used road ways marked with bike route signs.  


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