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The longest single trail in the Miami Valley trail network, the Little Miami Scenic Trail provides miles of well shaded trail with great destinations along the route. Two state parks, John Bryan and Caesar Creek can be reached from the trail. You’ll definitely want to stop at the Xenia Station, the hub of four trails that meet in Xenia, Ohio. Further south, where the trail closely meanders with the Little Miami River is the Ft. Ancient State Historic Site.


Trail Description

The Little Miami Scenic Trail begins in Newtown, in Hamilton County, and travels approximately 75 miles to the northeast to Springfield, in Clark County. Portions of the Little Miami Scenic Trail parallel the river for which it's named, winding serenely through the beautiful countryside of Southwestern Ohio. This trail is also part of the statewide Buckeye Trail, the North Country National Scenic Trail and the statewide Ohio-to-Erie Trail.

A tale of two trails, the Little Miami Scenic Trail has two distinct personalities. South of Spring Valley, Ohio the trail hugs the banks of the Little Miami River providing a well-shaded, meandering ride with occasional respites in small towns, like Corwin and Oregonia. You’ll pass canoe liveries; quaint eateries; Ft. Ancient and then pass the very modern attractions of Kings Island in Mason. Loveland and Terrace Park will welcome you even further south.

North of Spring Valley, the route follows historic rail corridors and links larger cities such as Xenia and Springfield, through Yellow Springs. The City of Xenia boasts Xenia Station, a restored railroad station that sits at the hub of four trails that meet in Xenia. Nine miles north reaches Yellow Springs, a vibrant village next to John Bryan State Park and the Glen Helen nature preserve. Along the reach to downtown Springfield, you’ll pass rolling farm land and Young’s Jersey Dairy.

In any portion of the trail, you’ll find a great experience waiting for you. Remember, in Greene County, the trails also allow horseback riding.

Responsible Agencies for Trail: Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Greene County Parks & Trails, Clark County Park District, National Trail Parks and Recreation District

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To the rear of Xenia Station is the starting point for the north section of the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

Cyclists then enter downtown Xenia where public streets or sidewalks along N. Detroit Street need to be used until the trail reconnects at Shawnee Park. Watch for the yellow cycling images on the west side of N. Detroit St/US 68 N as well as wayfaring signs.

Cyclists will view the intersection of US-35 (East & West) with US-68 (North & South) and the historic Greene County Courthouse.

A block or two from downtown Xenia is the corner of Church Street and Detroit Street where cyclists will re-enter the dedicated bike trail.

Just slightly North of Grinnell Road , cyclists arrive at the Yellow Springs Women's Park in the Village of Yellow Springs.

At about 9.1 miles from Xenia Station is one of the main entrances to Glen Helen. There is parking inside as well as Trailside Museum.

As cyclists approach downtown Yellow Springs, Antioch University can be seen. 

The Yellow Springs Station houses the Chamber of Commerce. It has restrooms open year round and drinking water. 

Just north of the Yellow Springs Station, the Yellow Springs Village Offices offer parking as well as access to water and restrooms. Beginning at Jackson Road, the trail is maintained by the Clark County Park District.

The Little Miami Scenic Trail crosses US. 68 approximately 3.5 miles north of Jackson Road. The route between the US. 68 crossing and Jackson Road is lined with trees. Beatty Station, which is a popular staging area, is only .3 miles north of the trail’s intersection with US.68. Beatty Station can be accessed off of Springfield-Xenia Rd. Although Beatty does not have an exact address, it is roughly in the 3200 block of Springfield- Xenia Rd. With permission, users can park their vehicle overnight. To get permission call the Clark County Park District at 937-882-6000

 After turning right onto Springfield0 Xenia Rd, ride the shoulder for approximately one tenth of a mile to the intersection of Springfield-Xenia Rd and Leffel Lane. This photo depicts a bike lane for users to utilize as they travel through the intersection. 

After crossing Leffel Lane, Springfield-Xenia Rd becomes South Yellow Springs Street. This photo depicts the bike route along South Yellow Springs Street. The route provides ample shoulder width. Follow South Yellow Springs street north for approximately .6 miles to the John Street intersection.  

Turn right from South Yellow Springs Street onto John Street. After turning look for trail signage as the dedicated trail resumes almost immediately after turning onto John Street. This photo was taken from John Street and depicts the dedicated trail. The trail is dedicated multi use path from John Street for approximately one half mile north to Johnny Lytle Avenue. 

After the trail terminates at Johnny Lytle Avenue, immediately turn right. Travel approximately .2 miles on Johnny Lytle and turn left on Plum Street. This photo depicts the signed bicycle route along Plum Street. Follow the route six blocks to Fair Street and turn left. The dedicated trail resumes at Fair street and continues to downtown Springfield. 

Once the dedicated trail portion of the trail resumes, riders are approximately .5 miles away from downtown. This photo depicts the end of the Little Miami Scenic Trail. The trail terminates at Center Street and Jefferson street in downtown Springfield.

This photo depicts the bike lane designated along Center Street that connects the Little Miami Scenic Trail with the Simon Kenton Trail. The bicycle lane along Center Street is not even a tenth of a mile. 

Leaving Xenia Station, the trail proceeds south parallel to US 42 S and into Spring Valley.

Hedges Road: At this point you are changing jurisdictions from. Greene County  Parks & Trails to Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and the trail is known as "Little Miami State Park.”  ODNR maintains the trail from Hedges Road to Newtown, Ohio.


Cyclists will then arrive in Spring Valley. At left, is the downtown area.

Cyclists pass the Spring Valley Wildlife Area, which is managed by ODNR.  

Cyclists enter the Village of Corwin, which is 14.35 miles from Xenia Station.

Continuing on the trail in Corwin, public restrooms are on the right of the trail. There is water at the restrooms.

Multiple canoe liveries with access to the State and National Scenic Little Miami River are located on the trail.

Cyclists cross Oregonia Road to enter the Village of Oregonia.


Cyclists will go under the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge (Interstate 71), which is the tallest bridge in Ohio  at 239 feet above the water.

Cyclists will cross a bridge leading to downtown Morrow.


Cyclists arrive in Morrow looking at Front Street crossing the trail at mile 14.38. Front Street is also SR 123.


Phegley Park in Morrow offers parking, restrooms, picnic areas and a children's playground. There is no water fountain.


Cyclists enter the town of South Lebanon. 

Cyclists will view the SR 48 bridge crossing above the trail outside South Lebanon.

Cyclists will see the old overhead, double span railroad bridge across the Little Miami Scenic River  that acts as a spur to Lebanon.

Cyclists will view the old Peters Cartridge Factory on Grandin Road at 6.8 miles South of Morrow at Kings Mills. Opened in 1878, the factory made cartridges for the United States and its allies in World War I. 

Cyclists will enter Loveland near an old railroad bridge.

C. Roger Nisbet Park offers parking, restrooms and water. 

Miami-Riverview Park  in Miami Township offers parking, restrooms and water. 

Three miles south of Loveland, cyclists cross under the I-275 bridge which is just South of Branch Hill. On the other side of the Little Miami Scenic River is Lake Isabella Park.

Cyclists enter Miamiville, the turn-around point for Greene County Parks & Trail’s Greene Trails Cycling Classic Century Ride.

At right is the railroad bridge that carries the trail over the Little Miami Scenic River south of Miamiville. Cyclists leave Clermont County and cross into Hamilton County .

Cyclists enter Milford.

The trail from Milford to the Little Miami Golf Center on Newtown Road is an additional 5.2 miles of trail.


Cyclists arrive at the Avoca Trail Head, which offers parking and restrooms.

The trail extends West from the Avoca Trail Head  

Cyclists arrive at the entrance of the Little Miami Golf Center, the end of the trail. There are restrooms and water at the Little Miami Golf Center.


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