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This trail is a straight path on an old railroad bed that features a bridge over the Great Miami River. The trail offers connections to Main Street, downtown Piqua, Ohio. 

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The trail portion of the Ohio-to-Indiana Trail runs through Piqua, Ohio and provides access to the Miami Valley Centre Mall and a 6.7-mile loop that travels along the Great Miami River and the city's hydraulic canal system, which connects three ponds and lakes, and provides wonderful scenery. The trail crosses the Great Miami River Trail at Lock Nine Park right in town.

Connections to a system of trails being built in Darke County are envisioned to bring this route to Union City, Ohio, which straddles the Ohio-Indiana border.

Suggested road routes connect across Miami County from east to west, providing access to Darke and Champaign Counties. Covington, Bradford and Gettysburg, Ohio can be reached on these road routes, as well as the Greenville Falls State Nature Preserve.

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South Charleston Station, depicted in the photo, is the only trail head along the trail in Clark County. The trail head is along the Ohio to Erie Trail, just before the trail terminates at Mound Street. To continue along the trail to London turn right on Mound Street. Follow Mound Street for approximately .4 miles to Church Street. Turn right on Church Street and travel approximately one tenth of a mile where the Ohio to Erie Trail continues as a dedicated multi use path. After leaving South Charleston, it is approximately 3.6 miles to the Clark/Madison County line. South Charleston is 10.4 miles to London.

At left is the end of the trail to the East, where the trail ends at Troy-Sidney Road. There is a staging area here with parking. This area needs a portable restroom and water. From here the trail will be extended to the East to connect with the Great Miami River Recreational Trail for the North to South trail being built from Taylorsville MetroPark in Montgomery County to Sidney.

Facing West from the same location as above, at Mile Post 2.3 miles East of the bridge over the Great Miami River. This is how much of the trail looks traveling west towards Piqua.

I could not resist taking this picture of the "surrey," that was navigating the trail. We are at the end of the trail section that began about a mile ago at Troy-Sidney Road looking East. We are at Garbry and Looney Roads. There is a mile post marker nearby that shows this point 1.3 miles East of the railroad bridge.

To ride on to Urbana take Looney Road North from the trail. It is just East of where the trail goes under I-75.
See this Google Map's link (with the trail marked in green)

Again we have turned around from where the picture above was taken and are looking to the West. We parked our car behind me and the trail comes out to the right. At this point the trail shares the road for about 400 yards as the trail goes under I-75 at Piqua. There are a couple of inline skaters coming this way.

Here we see cyclists enjoying the new trail as it follows East Main Street near Voisenet Drive.

Here is the view from the West end of the former railroad bridge over the Great Miami River. As you  can see the surface of the bridge is planking so you'll get a bumpy ride here. The bridge is about 50' above the city of Piqua here and the view is outstanding.

At left is another view of the railroad bridge. The previous photo was taken from the left or West side of the bridge looking East. This picture is taken from the South . Just below the bridge at the right or West end of the bridge is the connection to  The River's Edge of the trail that runs North 3.6 miles to Roadside Park and connects there with the Canal Run and runs South to French Park.

At the West end of the railroad bridge is a set of stairs with bicycle guides in the middle so that you can take your bike up to the top of the bridge. Here we see "friend wife" standing on the stairs to give you a "human perspective" of the bridge.

We are still in downtown Piqua here about 1/2 mile from the railroad bridge. Here the trail restarts and begins to climb so that the trail becomes elevated over the streets by about 25' or so.

A mile or so farther down the trail and it crosses over State Route 36, which is also College Street in downtown Piqua. As you can see the trail is an elevated trail now.

This is French Park. The trail is above the park and the builders made a bicycle spur from the trail down to the park. There is ample parking here but the trail could use a portable (or permanent) restroom here and water. From here you can ride North on the Canal Run

At left the Piqua bikeway passes under Sunset Drive  The picture is of the new tunnel at Sunset Drive west of downtown. In the background a cyclist is just coming through the tunnel. The runner looks to be having a good one. This is West 1.5 miles from the railroad bridge over the Great Miami River.

This is another picture of the new tunnel at Sunset Drive I added it so you could see that the water tower with "PIQUA" on it is close by. State Route 36 is about 250 yards South (or left) of where this picture was taken

This is the end of the trail in the West. We are at Spiker Road. There is a staging area here with parking. I'd expect a restroom and water here If the trail were to continue in a straight line across Spiker Road it would hit a house that is built on line with the trail. The trail is planned to be extended West from here. I have no more details at this time.

The first picture was taken at Bradford's Y-Yard Park.  Click Here to see their webpage on the subject. The Y-Yard is an old railroad switching yard for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Here is a link to Google Maps so you can see an aerial view of the park. Two main line rail-lines connected here in a "Y" configuration, hence the name of the park. The old rail-beds in the park have been turned into bicycle trails.

At the East end of the Y-Yard Park is the old switching tower for the yard. It is a part of the:
Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum
200 N. Miami Avenue
Bradford, Ohio

I was unable to visit the day I was in Bradford. Take a look at their webpage to see what I (and you) have missed if you are a train buff.  The Museum is just across East Main Street from Y-Yard Park. Click Here to see a Google Map of it. You need to go to the Museum in order to see the Tower which is shown at right.

At right is the historic marker next to the Railroad Museum. It will tell you a lot more than I can about the importance of the "BF Tower at Bradford Junction."

This photo is from Jim Clouse who lives near Bradford. It is facing Northeast and shows the end of the current trail's construction in the middle of a soybean field. I understand the the Darke County Parks District is in negotiations with the farmer so that the trail can get to the road, but not by running through the middle of his field.

This next photo shows the trail going through (or next to) another farmer's field on its way West to Gettysburg.

Between Bradford and Gettysburg the trail goes through a small woods. This is the scenic woods you'll be going through.

The trail runs Southwest from Bradford down the old railbed crossing several farmer's fields. It finally crosses George Street on the Eastern outskirts of Gettysburg. Click Here to see a Google Map of the crossing. We are looking West on the trail and can see the Gettysburg water tower in the distance. 

Here you can see the current end of the trail looking West at North Bridge Street in downtown Gettysburg. Across the street is the continuation of the railbed that may someday carry the trail West to Greenville, Ohio

This is the beginning of the trail in Alice Bish Park. We are at the parking lot on North Ohio Street. Turn right (North) from Main Street (SR-571) in downtown Greenville.

In this photo we see the start of the trail and the canoe ramp at the left of the picture going down to the Greenville Creek. The Alice Bish Walkway (a un-paved nature trail) is seen going off to right from the beginning of the trail.

We are walking along the trail here near Terrace Creek Drive. The houses at right are on Terrace Creek Drive. We are near the first crossing at Fourth Street.


At right we see the crossing at Fourth Street. We are about .25 miles from the beginning of the trail


Here we have crossed Fourth Street and are looking back. Behind the tree is the corner of Fourth Street and Terrace Creek Drive. This parking lot is used for the playground just ahead

In this photo we have turned around and we see the small playground next to the trail.

Here we have almost passed the park (at right) and we can see the East Main Street Bridge in the distance.


Below is the trail looking back from where we came to the Southeast. "Friend Wife" is waving from the trail. I use her for "human scale" in some of my trail photos. This photo was taken from the East Main Street Bridge.

Here we can see the trail and the beautiful Greenville Creek. On a warm Summer day it must be wonderful to see the cyclists and those canoeing along the Creek.

We have gone under the East Main Street Bridge and on the far side of the bridge we can see one of the two staircases leading up from the trail to both sides of Main Street. I noted that both had bike channels so you can take your bike up on down easily. We are approaching the current end of the trail in Greenville City Park.

In this photo we have followed the trail to the sidewalk through Greenville City Park. The street you see is East Park Drive and we are looking to the Northwest. We have come to the end of the trail.

Here we have turned around and have taken a photo of the park itself. You can see a memorial in the center.


We continued walking along East Park Drive to the Northeast. The lakes ahead of us are a part of the Treaty of Greenville State Park. I assume that the extended trail will run through this State Park sometime in the future.

At the center of Greenville City Park are monuments. The larger stone is a Veteran's Memorial. In the foreground is a sundial which marks the location of the "Headquarters U.S. Army 1793-95," where the first bridge was built over the Greenville Creek.  The flagpole was erected "In Memory of the Grand Army of the Republic (Civil War).

We decided to lunch in Greenville. Our hosts recommended several good places for lunch.  At the corner of West Fifth and South Broadway (SR-571) sits "The Palace." This building was a large clothing store in 1900. It is an architectural gem of styling. It has several restaurants located in it.
The front of the building, (seen here) shows Broadway's Joe's Coffeehouse. Straight on through the coffee house you enter the main hallway of the building. There you'll find the 
Little Italian Cafe (937-547-1000)
where we had a sumptuous lunch. At the back of the building there is also the:
  Double M Diner (937) -547-3031

If you go down the right side of the building which is on West Fifth Street you'll come to another entrance to the building and the restaurants. Across Fifth Street you'll see:

The Bistro Off Broadway
117 East Fifth Street
Greenville, Ohio 45331
Phone:  937.316.5000

We will show you the trail starting in Union City, Ohio at Railroad Park. The trail starts at the end of the loop you see in the photo and runs West to the State Line. We are looking East to the end of Railroad Park. Please look at this Recreation Area map of  Union City You'll have to Zoom In the map to see the parks. It shows both Railroad Park (red balloon) in Union City, Ohio as well as Harter Park red balloon) in Union City, Indiana which the trail will connect to in Phase II at some future date. 

We are still in Railroad Park East of Division Street. The trail continues East until it ends at the photo above. If you look at the Union City map, click here or above), you can see that Railroad Park is a long skinny patch of green just North of Ohio-571. It runs West from SE Deerfield Road, crosses S. Division Street, S. Sycamore St., and State Line Street to end about one block into Indiana.

We are still looking East (from where we started in Railroad Park. We are standing about even with the Picnic Shelter.

In this photo my photographer; I should pay him more, turned his camera South to see the Picnic Shelter, a picnic bench and the all important bike rack. I hope that the man riding the Segway is not normally allowed on the trail.

Here we are looking West from the Gateway Park (Ohio) to the new Gateway Project which is at the State Line. The Sunoco Station is in Ohio; the pizza shop is in Indiana. The group of people are standing at the foundation for the Gateway Project, which are two decorative arches which will be  erected on State Line Road.

This photo shows you one of the decorative arches that were not yet installed at the time of the dedication. There will be one on each side of the border.

At the State Line, a decorative plaza has been built as you can see here. They have used red brick on both sides of the border. Overhead arches will be installed on both sides of the line. We are looking West. The street is State Line Road.

In the middle of State Line Road, in the red brick,  is a decorative seal that shows the outline of both states. The words above say: "Union City" and the words below the maps say: " The hub of two states"

This last photo is taken at the far West end of the trail in Indiana looking East. The trail runs behind the Rite Aid drugstore (building at right of photo) to Columbia Street .  
If you look at the Union City map you can see the (red balloon), that shows the location of Harter Park. Located within the park is the Harry and June Loy Walking Trail. Plans are being made to connect the Union City Gateway Trail West to this walking trail in Phase II of development.
If you Click Here you'll be taken to Union City's page for the entire Gateway Project


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