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The Simon Kenton Trail extends the Little Miami Trail corridor another 18 miles north from downtown Springfield to Urbana, Ohio. It begins amidst all that Springfield has to offer, from the arts to the ECO Sports Corridor and then swiftly proceeds to the rolling farm countryside of Ohio on your way to Urbana.

Trail Description

Named for the historic frontiersman, the Simon Kenton Trail presents its own gauntlet you can run, from city to country and back, stretching nearly 32 miles from Springfield to Bellefontaine. Downtown Springfield boasts diverse dining, the full spectrum of the arts, the Clark County Heritage Center and Frank Lloyd Wright’s “The Westcott House.” You’ll also find the ECO Sports Corridor along the Buck Creek Trail featuring river kayaking, bouldering and even wind surfing at C.J. Brown Reservoir.

Consider a stop at Cedar Bog, just past the Champaign County line. Operated by Ohio Historical Connection, Cedar Bog Nature Preserve is the largest and best example of a boreal and prairie fen complex in Ohio. It has many rare plants and animals, as well as excellent orchid, prairie, and woodland wildflower displays. Continuing on, you will arrive in Urbana, Ohio, final resting place of Simon Kenton.

From Urbana north to Bellefontaine, the trail surface changes to crushed limestone for the final 16 miles to the "top of Ohio."  Bellefontaine boasts the highest point in Ohio in addition to a charming downtown. Along the way to Bellefontaine you'll pass through West Liberty with several places to stop and eat and Marie's Candies.

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The Simon Kenton trail begins in downtown Springfield at the termination of the Little Miami Scenic Trail. Once downtown trail users may visit the historic Heritage Center which is on trail. The Heritage Center used to serve as Springfield’s City Hall. Now the facility serves as a museum and office space. The facility also house Un Mundo Café, which is a local fair trade coffee shop.

This photo depicts the Clark State Performing Arts Center. The PAC has entertainment year around. The PAC has music concerts, symphony performances, theatrical performances, and much more. Check out the PAC event calendar by visiting

This photo, also taken from the trail, depicts the Marriot Hotel in downtown Springfield. The Marriot provides long distance riders a place to stay. City Hall can also be seen in the background.  

This portion of the Simon Kenton trail utilizes an on street bicycle lane along Washington Street. The bicycle lane is approximately .2 miles. 

This photo depicts the continuation of the Simon Kenton Trail at the end of the bicycle lane on Washington Street. From here, trail users are approximately 1.5 miles from the Simon Kenton Trail intersection with the Buck Creek Scenic Trail and approximately 4 miles from the Villa Rd Staging Area. 

The photo shows the intersection of the Buck Creek Trail with the Simon Kenton Trail. The picture is taken along the Simon Kenton trail looking north. The trail crossing occurs as users are crossing Buck Creek, just before the Mitchell Blvd. crossing. 

This photo depicts the Buck Creek Scenic Trail as it travels under the Simon Kenton Trail. The photo was taken from the Simon Kenton Trail looking west.  The Simon Kenton Trail utilizes an old railroad bridge for its crossing of Buck Creek. The Buck Creek Scenic Trail goes underneath the bridge along the creek, as the photo illustrates.

The photo depicts the trail crossing at Mitchell Blvd. The crossing is equipped with beacons that flash when trail users actuate them. The crossing also has an island which helps facilitate a safe crossing. The crossing over Mitchell Blvd. is less than a tenth of a mile away from the Buck Creek Scenic Trail/Simon Kenton Trail intersection. 

Although the trail is in the heart of the City of Springfield, the portion of the trail between Mitchell Blvd. and Kensington Place is scenic in nature. This photo depicts a wooded wetland area that can be viewed from the trail. It is a great place for bird and deer watching.  

This photo shows the trail crossing Kensington Place heading north. Kensington Place is an important trail crossing because trail users may turn left to access various restaurants along Limestone Street. From here trail users are approximately 1 mile away from the Villa Rd Staging Area. 

Villa Road Staging Area, is one of the primary launching points along the Simon Kenton Trail. The staging area can be accessed along Villa Rdwhich is located in the northern section of Springfield. From the staging area, trail users are approximately 4 miles from downtown Springfield and approximately 10 miles from Urbana. 

There are two trail spurs off of the Simon Kenton Trail. The first spur off of the trail is to the Splash Zone Family Aquatic Center. The second spur, which is depicted in this photo, is to the Eagle City Soccer Complex. The complex’s parking lot is also often used as a staging area. Urbana is approximately 8 miles from this spur.

Approximately 8.75 miles from downtown Springfield, the Simon Kenton Trail leaves Clark County and travels into Champaign County. This photo depicts the trail crossing County Line Rd. The trail has a staging area on the Champaign County side of the roadway at County Line Road. For more information about the Simon Kenton Trail in Champaign County go to


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