Stillwater River Trail

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Lining the banks of the Stillwater River – designated as an Ohio Scenic River since 1975 – are some of the region's largest stands of Sycamore, Maple and Ash trees. Lush in spring and summer, and ablaze with color in the fall, the Stillwater River Trail provides runners, skaters and cyclists with serene and diverse terrain.

Trail Description

The central segment starts its journey in Island MetroPark and runs past the Diehl Bandshel – scene of a variety of summer music concerts –on its way across the bridge through Triangle Park and along DeWeese Parkway, home to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. Further ahead, the trail passes through Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark and ends at Sinclair Park, just west of Shoup Mill Road.

The northern segment connects Grossnickle Park to Englewood MetroPark. It passes through the relief spillway of the Miami Conservancy District's earthen dam, along the base of the dam, and winds its way through Englewood MetroPark, ending at U.S. Route 40. Trail users can also follow a spur northward to Englewood MetroPark's West Park.

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As you can see at right the trail has just left Jake Grossnickel Park and is passing under Interstate 70 on the Stillwater River.  

Once you go under Route 70 the trail goes around three sides of a large fishing lake.   

Crossing Wenger Road going North. Wenger Road dead ends here to the right and enters the property of the Edelweiss German Club. 

After the Wenger Road crossing you go through a nice wooded trail section 

Going North you will see the dam as you enter Englewood MetroPark.  The trail goes up under Route 40 and into Englewood MetroPark north of the dam.  

This is towards the end of the trail in Englewood MetroPark. You can continue into the park and ride on the park roads in the designated bike lane.  Englewood MetroPark is a beautiful place to ride with mostly shaded routes.  

The Stillwater Bikeway starts at Sinclair Park just North of the intersection of Riverside Drive and Wright Brothers Parkway.  Sinclair Park offers parking, water, and restrooms.   

From Sinclair Park the trail crosses the road as you cross the  Stillwater River 

The trail continues along the road until you enter the woods just North of Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark.  

Going South you will see the model airplane flying field and pass through a large area that hosts the Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark community gardens in the summer

As you ride South you’ll go past Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark.  Be sure to check out the formal gardens, children’s play area, and other happenings going on.  From 9-5 M-F you’ll find water and restrooms.  Parking is always available.  South of here you ride under Seibenthaler Avenue into DeWeese Park.

The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery is across the street from the trail on DeWeese Parkway.

The Jim Nichols Tennis Center also is  the street from the trail. Restrooms and  water fountain  are open when the tennis courts are in use.

Trail through Triangle Park

Gayle B. Price Bridge across the Great Miami River

View of downtown Dayton from Gayle B. Price Bridge

Restrooms at Island MetroPark 


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