Wolf Creek Trail

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The Wolf Creek Trail begins where Wolf Creek intersects the Great Miami River near downtown Dayton. Heading northwest, the trail follows along the creek—one of five waterways that give Five Rivers MetroParks its name. In western Montgomery County, the route follows an historic rail corridor, making a beeline for Brookville and Verona, Ohio.

Trail Description

The south segment winds its way through west Dayton past Adventure Central at Wesleyan MetroPark and ends at Little Richmond Road. A challenging road ride can be used to bridge this gap. Consult a map for connecting roadways.

The northwestern segment of the Wolf Creek Trail follows an abandoned railroad route. This portion is relatively flat for most of its length, and it passes alongside Sycamore State Park. Here, you'll find a variety of activities found in most Ohio state parks: hiking trails, ponds, prairies and plenty of picnic areas. The park is notable for its preservation of prairies and open fields filled with native grasses and wildflowers. Heading further northwestward the trail winds through rolling farm fields on its way to Brookville and past Golden Gate Park. From here, there is a safe underpass at I-70 and the trail heads to the very northwest, rural corner of Montgomery County ending in the Village of Verona.

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The Northern section of trail starts at Trotwood Station which has ample parking, restrooms and water. The trail then passes through the suburbs of Trotwood crossing Oak Street

In about 2 miles the trail runs through Sycamore State Park.

In about 6 ½ miles you reach the old Brookville Station.   Nearby are plenty of places to get food.  

Just beyond Brookville the trail goes under Interstate 70 bridge. After a few more miles is Wengerlawn, also the place of a nice shelter. 

The southern section of the Wolf Creek bikeway starts at the Great Miami Bikeway and travels northwest towards Trotwood.  

This picture shows the Great Miami Bikeway crossing over Wolf Creek.  The pavement running out to the left is the start of the Wolf Creek Bikeway.  

The trail travels alongside the south side of the Wolf Creek.  

After the trail comes back up to street level from the Wolf Creek  there is a short section where you must ride on a quiet side street.  Once you reach James H. McGee Blvd the trail continues.  

After awhile you enter at Wesleyan MetroPark and Adventure Central. 

If you enter Wesleyan MetroPark you can go across this beautiful bicycle bridge that connects two parts of Wesleyan MetroPark together. 

The trail continues through the park, following the park road and ends at Riverview Avenue and Wesleyan Road where the park road enters a residential area.  


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