Wright Brothers - Huffman Prairie Trail

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Fairborn's Wright Brothers-Huffman Prairie Bikeway, part of the statewide Buckeye Trail, is a 10-foot- to 12-foot-wide urban trail linking downtown Fairborn with the Huffman Reserve MetroPark, passing the Wright Brothers Memorial Park, a unique part of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park. This trail also provides a connection from Fairborn to Wright State University.

Trail Description

Starting just south of Fairborn’s downtown business district at South Street and Central Avenue, the bikeway follows Kaufman Avenue along the boundary of Wright Patterson AFB, passing Wright State University just to the south.

Just off the trail (and up a steep climb) is the Wright Brothers Memorial, with the National Park Service interpretive center. The grounds here feature Native American burial mounds and provide a spectacular view of the Mad River Valley to the north. From this trail you may access the Huffman Prairie Flying Field, another segment of the National Park, preserving the location where the Wright Brothers perfected controlled, powered flight. The bikeway currently ends atop the Huffman Dam, one of five flood control dam’s built by the Miami Conservancy District after the 1913 flood. In June 2013, the Mad River Trail extension completed the connection of this trail to the larger network, through Montgomery County.

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The ride starts at Marl Road near State Route 444/Huffman Dan and continues by the Wright Brothers Memorial. The Memorial overlooks Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  

Cyclists cross Kauffman Avenue to reach the continuation of the trail on the north side of the road.


At Zink Road, the trail changes from black top to concrete.

Cyclists will pass Wright State University.

Cyclists cross the tracks and head into Fairborn. The Fairborn YMCA is on the other side of the street about 200 yards ahead.

The trail ends at the intersection of Central Avenue and South Street.


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