Closure at Old 3C Highway

The Little Miami Scenic Trail will be closed at Old 3C Highway from June 7, 2021 until mid or late July.

The project on 3C Highway (a.k.a. US 22) in the vicinity of where it crosses the river and the Little Miami Scenic Trail began on June 7, 2021 and is anticipated to run for 50 days. During the project Old 3C Highway is expected to receive additional US 22 traffic, and because of anticipated increased traffic on Old 3C the decision has been made to close the Little Miami Scenic Trail where it crosses Old 3C Highway (Google Maps link to Closure Location). The trail is open north and south of Old 3C, but it is not permitted to cross the road.

No trail detour will be provided for this closure. On-road detours will also not be possible due to other road closures.

Updated June 15, 2021

Trails Affected: 
Little Miami Scenic Trail


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