COVID-19 and trail amenities

The Miami Valley Trails are, and have been, open through the pandemic. Trails and open spaces are ideal places to relieve stress and enjoy physical activity and it is quite feasible to experience the trails while maintaining responsible social distancing from other trail users. Please keep social distancing in mind while on the Miami Valley Trails.

RESTROOMS: All trail managing agencies report that restroom facilities will be open to the public for 2021, and cleaned according to ODH recommended frequencies. This includes both brick-and-mortar restrooms and placement of temporary restrooms ("Port-o-lets") at trail heads throughout the network.

An exception to this update is the K-Station in West Carrollton (along the Great Miami River Trail). At this time the K-Station restroom is closed.

DRINKING WATER: For the 2021 outdoor season, the drinking water situation is mixed. Roughly half of the trail managing agencies have decided to leave water fountains turned off, and the other half will turn them on for this season. We recommend trail users carry pre-filled water bottles while walking or biking along the Miami Valley Trails. Bring an extra pre-filled bottle for any extended trips along the trails.

Posted: July 13, 2021



Trails Affected: 
Buck Creek Trail
Creekside Trail
Little Miami Scenic Trail
Simon Kenton Trail
Xenia - Jamestown Connector
Ohio to Erie Trail
Wright Brothers - Huffman Prairie Trail
Stillwater River Trail
Mad River Trail
Iron Horse Trail
Ohio-to-Indiana Trail
Wolf Creek Trail
Dayton-Kettering Connector
Great-Little Trail


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