Deeds Point Bridge Project

Please also see our alerts regarding Detours in Downtown Dayton and COVID-19.

Mad River Trail - The project to replace the Deeds Point Bridge is in presently in the mobilization stage and is scheduled for completion in early 2021. Additional site restoration will be completed in Spring 2021. The bridge, which carries the Great Miami Trail over the Mad River in downtown Dayton has been closed to pedestrian traffic for over a year and the existing detour to the Webster Street Bridge will remain in place during construction. Closures and detours are needed for work being done over the Mad River Trail to deconstruct the old bridge. The signed detours that will be necessary during construction are shown in the this pdf file. The routes labeled “short term closures/detours” are required whenever a closure will exceed 15 minutes, but not more than four hours. We do not anticipate longer closures at these locations, but a signed detour is required if one becomes necessary. The 60-day closure/detour will begin around September 1, 2020.

Trails Affected: 
Mad River Trail


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