Detour in Eastwood MetroPark

A construction project near the Harshman Road underpass has a portion of the Mad River Trail closed and detoured on park roads. The detour is 0.8 miles in length and includes crossing Harshman Road at grade. We have reached out to Five Rivers MetroParks to learn how long the detour is expected to be in place.

The detour is marked as being for both bicycles and pedestrians, however please note there is no sidewalk along the park road - pedestrians are advised to walk to the left (against traffic) and be prepared to step onto the shoulder grass in case of oncoming traffic. As on any road, bicycles should ride to the right (with traffic). See below for the map of the detour route.

Click on map for larger version.

Crossing Harshman Road

There are crossing signal push-buttons on both sides of Harshman Road. It is advisable to use them for two reasons:

1. It does not appear that the signal at this intersection is on any sort of a timer, so it will stay green for Harshman Road traffic until alerted of the need for someone to cross. The presence of a car waiting to exit Eastwood Park will eventually change the signal, but pushing the button will be faster.

2. The crossing time will be longer if the button is pushed. Crossing time if only triggered by an automobile is about 15 seconds.


Pictured above are the push-buttons for crossing Harshman Road on the east and west sides of Harshman. Note that the east side push-button is not fully ADA accessible.

Posted: May 31, 2024

Trails Affected: 
Mad River Trail


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