Detours in Dayton

Updated April 13, 2021

Please see our network-wide alert regarding trail amenities during the COVID-19 emergency in Ohio. 

Please see another notice about a detour near Carillon Park along the Great Miami River Trail.

A few segments of trail are currently affected by construction in downtown Dayton:

1. The ped/bike bridge over the Mad River, between RiverScape MetroPark and Deeds Point MetroPark is closed. Trail users can add just a half-mile to their trip and cross the Mad River using wide sidepaths on the Webster Street Bridge.

2. Dayton sewer work has impacted the trail on the west side/right bank of the Great Miami River (Route 25) between Third Street and the University of Dayton softball field. The trail is currently open, though there may be some sections that are rough or gravel rather than asphalt. These sections will be restored in Spring 2021. The situation does not affect the longer segment of the Great Miami River trail on the opposite bank of the river -- connecting Dayton southward through the City of Franklin.

3. A project to replace the Third Street Bridge has the trail closed beneath the bridge project. A detour will route cyclists onto city bike lanes, share-the-road routes or sidewalks through Fall 2021 in downtown Dayton; see picture below for the detour options. The "Pedestrian Route (west bank of the river) uses city sidewalk for a significant portion of the route - bicyclists are encouraged to walk their bikes. The Pedestrian Route uses the "bike stairs" in Sunrise MetroPark. A fully accessible route is also shown, using the new ramp in front of the Dayton Art Institute. The trail will be closed on both banks of the river for the Third Street Bridge replacement (orange dots)

Click on photo below for downloadable PDF version.

Trails Affected: 
Great Miami River Trail


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