Mad River Trail Detour around Webster Street

(January 2016) A project to replace the Webster Street Bridge over the Mad River has begun. The project, scheduled to last through summer 2017, creates a closure along the Mad River Trail for which a detour has been developed and signed. The overview map shows the detour route following 1.7 miles of Monument Avenue from Findlay Street (east) to Patterson Blvd/Riverside Drive (west) in the city of Dayton. Click on the map to view a larger version.

At the eastern end of the detour, a paved ramp connects from the Mad River Trail to Findlay Street. Monument Avenue is the first, immediate right turn. The route follows Monument across Keowee Street and Webster Street to Riverside Drive. Trail users should turn right at Patterson/Riverside to return to the trails as they pass under Riverside to enter RiverScape MetroPark.

At the western end, the detour begins at RiverScape MetroPark. Cyclists will need to use east-bound Monument Avenue to complete the detour. Use caution crossing Patterson/Riverside and Monument and merging into traffic. The detour route crosses Webster Street and Keowee Street. At or just before Findlay Street cyclists will need to cross over to the paved access ramp that leads down to the Mad River Trail.

Important Notes:

  • Most of the detour route is without sidewalks, and it is not recommended that pedestrians walk on the roadway. Therefore, this detour is not suggested for trail users on foot.
  • As the pictures show, the eastern end of Monument Avenue is an industrial area. There is significant truck traffic and areas where the pavement is in poor condition. This detour is suitable for the most confident on-road cyclists.
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