Best Towns for 2017

Outside Magazine recently published a list of the twenty-five best towns for outdoor activity and adventure for 2017. There are plenty of entries from Colorado and California, of course. Also on the list you'll find our own Dayton, Ohio.  Here's a little of what the article has to say about the Gem City:

[W]hat people find outside town is the real draw—hundreds of miles of hiking trails, 60 miles of mountain biking track (ten of them within city limits), and 400 miles of waterways in the Miami River valley.

They also note some great cultural and entertainment developments in the city; and we'll cut them some slack on the "Miami River" thing. But clearly, a big part of what caught the attention of their advisory panel was the Miami Valley Trails - the nation's largest paved trail network. Hosting the International Trails Symposium this past May probably didn't hurt our chances, either.

We have known for some time that the Miami Valley Trails are an amazing regional asset across the region. We know they connect a lot of great cities and villages in the Miami Valley to each other with active transportation corridors. It's great to see that the larger outdoors community is seeing that, and hearing about it thanks to publications like Outside


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