Cross-Country Bike Trip

"My family and I did a cross-country bicycle trip in the spring and summer of 2016, from Delaware to Seattle.

When trying to figure out the best route, I learned about the Ohio to Erie Trail network, and was thrilled. Especially travelling with a young child (our daughter Cedar was 10), being able to cycle on paved, off-road trails was such a pleasure. Ohio had the best trail network of any state we visited, and we were singing your praises the whole rest of the way west."

– Rob Levin, Sarah Cushman and Cedar, Portland, Maine


Enjoying the Ride 

"We are two senior ladies who like long bike rides.

We have ridden the C&O/GAP one way and we have ridden the Katy Trail both ways (in one trip). After months of planning, we embarked on a 450+ mile bicycle trip over 11 days taking advantage of Miami Valley’s incredible network of trails. We rode a grand total of 11 paved trails (usually both ways). They are ALL excellent!"

– Cynthia Rowe and a friend, California 


Great Miami River Trail

"I rode the new section that goes through the city of Hamilton this past weekend. Absolutely loved it.

Many thanks goes to the engineers, construction workers, and everyone else that made it happen. The trail was not only beautiful, but was a blast to ride. I really like the elevation changes and turns that keep the path fun and exciting. Keep up the great work!!."

– Jonathan Walters, Ohio


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