Detours and Closures

This page assembles all current trail closures and detours in the Miami Valley Trail system, due to scheduled trail repair or roadway construction. Where possible, beginning and end dates for the detours and closures are provided.

This information does not include intermittent issues that impact trails such as downed trees or high water. See below for some high water resources.

What's the difference?


A detour is an alternative route selected to safely get around a scheduled trail closure. Detours are commonly routed along surface streets, and involve sharing the road with motor traffic. A trail closure is a section of trail that is closed for use by the trail managing agency due to trail maintenance or roadway construction.


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Trail Closed in downtown Dayton on ONE side of river - Great Miami River Trail

Detour in Eastwood MetroPark - Mad River Trail

Trail Surface Repairs - Xenia-Jamestown Connector

Updated: June 26, 2024


High water, particularly along the Great Miami River Trail, can occasionally inundate the trail making it impassible. We can offer these outside links to help you plan and navigate these potential issues:

  • The Great Miami Riverway has created a trail conditions map to display when recent rains and flood gauge readings indicate a likelihood that the trail is flooded. You can access this map here.
  • The Miami Conservancy District has gathered all Great Miami River flood gauge data into one convenient page. You may select the section of the river of interest to you to look at recent and forecasted river levels. Access this data here.
  • The City of Troy has designated (and signed) a High Water By-Pass route through their beautiful historic downtown for use when high water inundates sections of the Great Miami River Trail which are inside the flood levees. Follow the signs like the one shown here. You can also download and print a route map from here.

Ohio to Erie Trail Alerts

The Ohio to Erie Trail Association publishes a page of trail alerts for the 326-mile route from Cincinnati to Cleveland. Click here for alerts along the Ohio to Erie Trail outside of the Miami Valley Trails counties.



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