Downtown Dayton - Closed on Right Bank

A City of Dayton sanitary sewer project has the Great Miami River Trail closed in downtown Dayton on the west bank of the river. The project is working in phases and is scheduled for completion in Spring of 2024. Some portion of the GMR Trail on the west side of the river will be closed from now until Spring 2024, so use of the east side is generally advised.

Project Work Continues, as seen from the former low dam in February 2024

The project is in the section of the Great Miami River Trail trail where there is trail on both sides of the river, so trail users can still use the trail on the east side of the river: 

  • Those approaching from the north should choose the east side trail at Island MetroPark. Head to the left after leaving the park along Helena Street, and then head south on the trail along North Bend Blvd, with the river to your right.
  • Those approaching from the south should choose to stay on on the east side of the river at Stewart Street or cross the river on the Stewart Street Bridge to reach the east side.

Project Phases

The project limits are from Albany Street (south) to Riverside Drive (north), however the bike path is impacted from Albany Street to I-75 near Temple Israel.

  • The section from Albany Street to Wolf Creek was closed in October 2021, is currently closed, and will be open again in August 2023.
  • The section from Wolf Creek to Forest Avenue closed in September 2022, is also currently closed, and will remain so until spring 2024.
  • From Forest Avenue to Temple Israel the bike path is currently open, but will be closed within the next month until spring 2024.

Access To and From the Wolf Creek Trail

Those approaching from the Wolf Creek Trail will need to use the bike stairs at the confluence of Wolf Creek and the Great Miami River to climb up to Sunrise MetroPark. Please note, the bike stairs at Sunrise MetroPark are NOT ADA accessible. From there, you may proceed across the Third Street Bridge and then use the trail along Robert Drive to access the GMR Trail on the east bank. This route can be followed in reverse to reach the Wolf Creek Trail from the east side of the GMR Trail.

The image below shows this route to and from the Wolf Creek Trail.

Posted: June 5, 2023
Updated: February 21, 2024 (added photo)

Trails Affected: 
Great Miami River Trail


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