Bicycle Commuting

Getting Around By Bike

Bikes are great vehicles for basic transportation. Inexpensive, Fun, Healthy, Non-Polluting and Practical, riding your bike can be a great way to get to work, or run some errands. Did you know that 40% of all trips are less than two miles, and 82% of short trips are taken in a car?

Have you thought about biking to work? What routes you could take? What gear you might need? How much great exercise you’ll get? How much gas you’ll save?

Maybe you live too far from work, but you probably live within two miles of a lot of places you go. Look on a map. How far is it to the pharmacy? The grocery? The library? The school? The bank? Could some of these trips be made on a bike?

Next time the weather is right and you have some time, leave the car keys at home. Why not drive your bike?

The Miami Valley Trails

Keep in mind that your bike-route to work may not be the same as your car-route to work, and the Miami Valley Trails may offer a great alternative to biking on busy thoroughfares on your way to work.  The Miami Valley is also seeing tremendous growth in the use of bike lanes, and signed routes.  Bike-friendly streets are popping up all over the place. It's very possible you can plan a bike route that is comfortable and safe for your ride to work or errands.


Getting started can seem like a daunting task, but you can do this. Here are some helpful links to prompt your thinking.

1. Take a look at this handy Bike Commuting brochure from MVRPC. It's a complete overview guide to bicycle transportation.

2. Rather not ride alone? The Pedal Pals Program provides bike commute matching - kind of like carpool matching for cyclists!

3. The Ohio Department of Transportation has a detailed booklet on cycling on the road safely with motor vehicles.  This guide is packed with information about Ohio's vehilce laws, and important reminders about lights, signaling, and propoer positioning on the road.  Download it from ODOT's website.

Any bike can be a commuting bike, but if you will be wanting a new one, check out our bike buying guide, courtesy of Bicycling Magazine.

4. The Five Rivers MetroParks Bike Hub at RiverScape MetroPark provides showers, secure indoor bike parking and other services for downtown Dayton Bike Commuters. All for a very low monthly membership fee.

5. Don't forget about the transit links.  Greater Dayton RTA buses, Springfield SCAT buses, and GreenCATS buses are equipped with bike racks that can securely carry your bike.  Is there a big hill on your route? Let the bus take you uphill. Don't want to bike in the heat of the afternoon? Bike in the morning and take the bus home later in the day.


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