Creekside Trail Open Under Woodman Drive!

While the highway project for the Woodman Drive interchange with US 35 is continuing, the Creekside Trail has been re-opened.

As scheduled, the need for restricting use of the Creekside Trail beneath the Woodman Drive overpass has ended. The barriers on the trail and the signed detour through the neighborhood east of Woodman Drive have been taken down, and trail users may once again enjoy the Creekside Trail, and its easy connection between Beavercreek, Riverside and Dayton.

Some blue sky appeared for our pictures of the re-opened trail! Here looking east from the access to the Woodman Park Apartments (left). You can see from the next photo, that construction activity is still ongoing above the trail at Woodman Drive, but it has advanced enough that passing under the work zone is no longer an issue.

Finally, as reported earlier, the terrific access from the trail to Obie Street remains, giving these residents of Riverside safe and convenient access to the Creekside Trail.

Looking west from the Obie Street Ramp.

When the weather is right this mild winter, head on out and experience the Creekside Trail!


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