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19th Annual Prairie Appreciation Ride

The ride starts 1:00 PM at the Prairie Grass Trailhead in London (262 W. High St.) and extends southwest to the Madison-Clark County border. Bicyclists can enjoy the beauty of July’s native flowers such as Royal Catchfly, curly dock, Queen Anne’s lace, and more. It’s an enjoyable and educational ride! After the official ride ends, head onto South Charleston or return back to London at your leisure.

This is the 19th annual Prairie Appreciation Bike Ride started in 2005 by botanist and prairie enthusiast, Jack McDowell. Jack was one of the early “discoverers” of the remnant prairies of Madison and Clark counties and started the efforts to manage these prairie treasures in the midst of threats from invasive woody plant and agricultural weed species. Jack McDowell passed away in 2012, but his dream to inspire others to preserve the Ohio prairie is not forgotten.

Come ride to discover the beauty of the historic prairies! Pause and become acquainted with these historic grasses and flowers. Learn how to be a part of preserving them for our future.

Registration is FREE. More information from the Friends of Madison County Parks and Trails.

Event Date: 
Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 1:00pm


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