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Bike Touring Speaker: Hans Rehrmann

Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 3:00pm

If you think it would be great to ditch the smart phone, the office, the daily demands, even for a weekend or a few days, J&D Bicycles in Troy has the perfect answer! They have asked three friends and customers to present their expertise and experiences of self-contained and distance touring. Please plan to attend all three presentations, because each one will offer their own ideas and insights: you will be able apply some of each to your plan to get out and ride! Remember, you can start out simple. They will show you bicycles and equipment, but chances are that you can start out with what you have or add some accessories and build from there!

J&D Bicycles will post these as events on their Facebook page and you can RSVP there and by email, phone call or message.


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Troy, Ohio

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