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MVMBA Social Ride: Eastwood to MoMBA

This MVMBA social ride starts at Eastwood MetroPark. Ride the paved bike path from Eastwood MetroPark to MetroPark Mountain Bike Area (MoMBA). There will be a short road section from Huffman to MoMBA. Once at MoMBA, the group will ride a “full lap” which includes all of the trails (except Talon). You can choose to ride trails based on your comfort level and wait for the others to regroup near the restroom before heading back. Then, head back the way we came to return to Eastwood MetroPark. It’ll be about 18-20 miles total. People are welcome to ride to Huffman Dam and back on the paved bikeway if they don’t want to ride at MoMBA. This would be a total mileage of about 5 miles.

End at Eastwood MetroPark to enjoy the remaining hours of Midwest Outdoor Experience.

For more details see the MVMBA Facebook Event page.

Event Date: 
Sunday, October 2, 2022 - 9:00am


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