Mr. Smith's Commute

Photo along the Great-Little TRail in the Medlar Conservation Area. Photo by Greg Smith, used with permission.

Miami Valley Trail user, Greg Smith recently shared his trail commute to work with us through our Tell Us Your Story page. We found it so inspirational, we just had to make it the first Trail Talk Blog post. The photo, above, is one he took on his way to work, believe it or not. Here's Greg's story, in his own words:

After commuting between Kettering and Austin Center for several years via surface streets in Kettering, Washington Township, Centerville and Miamisburg, I recently decided to increase my ride distance by riding down to Moraine and taking the Great Miami Recreation Trail and the connector at Crain's Run through the Medlar conservation area. The change has been transformative for me. Not only is the extra distance benefiting my health but the trails along the river, and through the woods and meadows, have become daily meditation to and from work. Since 80% of my ride is now on dedicated bike trails, I no longer need to compete with motorists in rush hour traffic, the temperature is cooler and I see a lot more wildlife. Miami Valley residents are truly lucky to have such a great trail system. I'm a firm believer that bikes belong on the road but I'm very much enjoying my break on the bike/ped trails until winter when I will have to return to the roads.

P.S.: I took [this] photo on the Medlar trail that really captures why I like the area so much.

Thanks, again, for sharing, Greg.  It's wonderful to hear how the Miami Valley Trails have brought great benefit to your daily life. You've shown us another power of a trail: maybe the only place where a longer commute is a better commute.


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