New Safer Route for the Dayton-Kettering Connector

The City of Kettering has recently updated the route for the Dayton-Kettering Connector (19) along the portion that is on-street. If you have bicycled or walked the route of the D-KC in Kettering, you may remember the crossing at Marshall Road, which had been for several years at Claybourne Road. Because of the nearby curve, just north of Claybourne, some, perhaps many, users may have found this to be a difficult or uncomfortable place to cross. Responding to these concerns, the City of Kettering has re-routed the D-KC to cross Marshall at Cloverfield Avenue. The City has adjusted the sign locations and directions to reflect this new recommended route. The map image below shows the previous route in green and the new route in pink.

So, heading from the southeast to the northwest the turns are:

  • Heading west on Berwin
  • Left onto Vineyard
  • Right onto Cloverfield
  • Cross Marshall
  • Right onto Benfield
  • Cross Claybourne
  • Resume existing route on Benfield

The sight distances at Cloverfield will hopefully make this a more comfortable crossing for trail/route users. 

For those on foot, the neighborhood east of Marshall does not have sidewalks, but you may find these residential streets a comfortable walk anyway.


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