Beavercreek Thoroughfare Plan Open House, July 17th

The City of Beavercreek will be having an open house for a updated Thoroughfare Plan on the 17th of July from 6 to 8 in Council Chambers at the City building. Public input to the plan will be taken and a final draft will go to City Council some time in the August/September time frame for approval. If anyone would want to review the plan and give comments in advance, it can be downloaded from the City’s website here:

All bikers should take note, as a significant part of this revision is a Non Motorized Transportation section which includes plans for Bicycle and Pedestrian facilities to be provided for the future build out of City streets. The bike facilities include both "on street" and "off street" improvements.  It is important that all non motorized users of the city streets take this opportunity to review City plans and give input where they have concerns or praise. This is one of the few opportunities that the public will have to provide guidance to Council as to how they want to see their streets developed for the non motorized user. 


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