Ohio-to-Erie Trail

Trail Talk - Spring 2016

The outdoor season is here, and along the Miami Valley Trails you are not going to run out of places to go and see. Not this year.

Trail Talk - Winter 2014

Trail Talk, Winter 2014

The Miami Valley Trails are open daily and can be a beautiful way to experience the winter outdoors.  But who are we trying to kid?  There isn't any way around it: the 2013-14 winter has been brutal in the Miami Valley - as well as many other parts of the United States. The National Weather Service reports total snowfall for Dayton to be 45.3 inches for this season - a whopping 28.2 inches ABOVE NORMAL through February 17th. And it hasn't just been snowy - it has been cold.

Trail Talk - Fall 2014

Ambassadors for Clark County Trails

Local Cyclists and Walkers Forming Ambassadors for the Trails

Local trail advocates have formed a new volunteer organization called Ambassadors for Clark County Trails (ACCT). Clark County has some of the most connected multi-use trails in the United States which are used by many visitors from all over the country. ACCT has formed to promote this asset.



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